Bespoke Kitchen Design in London, Fulham and Chelsea

“There are no “mass produced” wishes, no desire for identical kitchens. Everyone should have the opportunity to create a place that reflects their taste, lifestyle and personal idea of beauty. That’s why we at Euromobil consider it essential to continuously search for outstanding crafted finishes and materials deriving from cutting edge technology, technological solutions and top-level design, so that every kitchen becomes personal.A space that fits your dreams and budget, furnished with our Living and Cooking lines.

Uniqueness is a question of details. Doors, wall panels, back panels, wall units and shelves can all be used to customise basic compositions and create a unique kitchen. So take the measurements of your needs and design an unconventional kitchen decor that reflects your style. The kitchen is used for cooking… and then other things: eating, chatting, studying and working. That’s why it should be a pleasant, well organized place.
All our systems are designed to exploit space fully and make sure cooking is a pleasure we can share with friends. In other words, our kitchens must always have space for storing, cooking, and enjoying the company of friends.”

Euromobils philosophy of ‘Living and Cooking’ introduces multiple compositional possibilities unique to the industry. All models are integrated with transversal finishes and materials generating an infinite number of solutions for your home.

F I L O  A N T I S

The Filoantis kitchen reinterprets the traditional kitchen in a modern key. Enriched with prestigious and eco-friendly materials, the Natural Walnut Wood, Rovere materia and Ecomalta are all deeply researched materials. These finishes are designed to live separately or combined in order to give birth to elegant visual effects.


Kubic is a new, young and contemporary kitchen design, dominated by the naturalness and brightness of the glass doors, top and sides. The doors are finished on the back with lacquered aluminum color beautifully coordinated with the glass. The Kubic design is dedicated to craft and traditions, revived with rigor and elegance.

F R E E  S T E E L

Stainless steel aisi 304 is one of the hardest and toughest top-quality materials . Euromobil has thought of all the passionate amateur chefs who like to work in a top-quality kitchen environment. The filofree steel and free steel collections use innovative materials that result from advanced technological research.

The filofree steel and free steel collections create truly professional stylish environments. In this design the stainless steel island houses a large workstation and is fitted with a pull-out mixer and a multifunctional sink. Next to the spacious multifunctional induction hob there are practical pop-up socket towers.

F I L O  A N T I S

FiloAntis is a project that has a continuous dialogue between past and future values. The strong oak Graff material interacts with the new lacquered colors, matt and glossy, optic white – pistachio green – mist – flint – Absolute Black.


Antis is an innovative kitchen design exclusive for a high and international taste. Characterized by simplicity, precision and elegance, the new system starts from a concept of research: to recover and revisit the wooden kitchen in a contemporary archetype.

F I L O  L A I N

The Filolain kitchen in two words? Smart and Friendly. A project made with Ecolaccato and Thermo-structured Elm finishs. The fundamental role is the finish – The new mat Ecolaccato, made with non-toxic water coatings, is available in ten silk finishes with a sensational tactile effect.