Gaggenau Kitchen Appliances in London, Fulham and Chelsea


Please feel free to contact Hi-Spec Design for technical information and pricing. One of our designers will gladly advise you on your kitchen appliances. We have been an authorised partner of Gaggenau for over 20 years and always recommend Gaggenau appliances to our clients for the uncompromising quality and sophisticated product design.

“If you are looking for the best, then look no further than Gaggenau”

4 0 0  S E R I E S

Selected materials, unusual capabilities and a fascinating presence in the room — the Vario cooktops 400 series unites cutting-edge professional-standard technology for the private kitchen with sculptural design. For the first time, appliances from 38 to 90 cm in width can be combined directly adjacent to one another to form an aesthetic whole. Thanks to the precise machining of the 3 mm thick stainless steel, the appliances can be both surface-mounted with visible edges or flush-mounted.

Induction involves a precise transfer of heat via a magnetic field, ensuring optimum use of energy and faster cooking times – just like gas. Since the diameter of a pot’s base is detected and only that precise area is heated, there is no loss of unused heat. Pots and pans of all shapes and sizes can therefore be used on a cooking zone.

2 0 0  S E R I E S

The 200 series features a unique variety of perfectly specialised appliances in a small space, from classic glass ceramic, gas and induction cooktops to special appliances for grilling, deep frying and steaming as well as suitable ventilation elements. The appliances combine to form an harmonious unit together with their overhead control panel made ​​of aluminium or stainless steel.

4 0 0  S E R I E S

The ovens 400 series has a striking presence in a room — the appliance’s strong character is emphasized by the use of selected materials such as solid stainless steel. Protruding handleless doors that can be automatically opened with a single touch round off its external appearance. The series uncompromisingly brings modern professional technology into private kitchens.

2 0 0  S E R I E S

The 200 series uncompromisingly brings modern professional-standard technology into private kitchens. The distinct look of the appliances is defined by the glass fronts and compact LCD control module with its simple use of menus. The ovens, combi-steam ovens and steam ovens in the series are complemented perfectly both technologically and visually by warming drawers, combi-microwave ovens or the fully automatic espresso machine.

4 0 0  S E R I E S

The ventilation 400 series boasts a variety of design options and allows the focus to remain on what matters most in the kitchen – on producing meals that are sure to impress. Its quiet and efficient technology is combined with a sculptural design. Different models ensure the right technical fit for every spatial situation. Superior technology, aesthetic perfection, high-quality materials – the ventilation 400 series incorporates what Gaggenau has always stood for: design quality, tradition and system excellence.

2 0 0  S E R I E S

Remarkably effective and offering compelling design and functionality, the ventilation 200 series provides clean air in any kitchen. Whether discreet like the downdraft ventilation or making a strong architectural statement like the island hoods, the 200 series models have three things in common: they are powerful, individual and efficient. The 200 series thus offers a model to suit every taste. New to this series is the recirculation module, which allows island and wall-mounted hoods to be run in a very efficient recirculation mode. Alongside aesthetic design, functionality plays a key role. Simple operation with automatic function is the primary winning feature: The fan adjusts its speed automatically to the amount of steam entering the hood, allowing you to devote all your attention to cooking.

Professional chefs know that there are great differences in how food needs to be stored. Some foodstuffs require that little bit longer to mature while some need to be stored a few degrees cooler than others. We have a range of refrigerators, fridge-freezer combinations, freezers as well as wine climate cabinets in various sizes to meet your needs.

The Gaggenau washing machine is the first choice when it comes to fresh laundry. Low water and energy consumption, large volume capacity and an extremely long life are just some of the impressive features that will win you over.

The Vario dishwashers from Gaggenau are particularly fast and efficient thanks to innovative Zeolite technology. For example programme times for washing and drying a complete load can be reduced to just 57 minutes or the drying performance can be enhanced. The combination of six dishwashing programmes and four options can be adapted individually to all load types.