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Gaggenau - EB 388 Oven 300 Series - 90cm Wide

Gaggenau - EB 388  Oven 300 Series - 90cm Wide

EB 388

Beautiful looking and beautifully effective, the 90 cm wide stainless steel EB 388 oven matches design and technology with inspirational results. The largest built-in oven in the Gaggenau collection, it is around 30 % larger than conventional models. The interior is wider than it is tall and has space to grill or roast three or four items of poultry or meat side by side  there is even room for a large cut of game or a small lamb. The EB 388 excels in more than just sheer size, of course. Temperature control is very precise, covering the range from 50 to 300 °C in 5 °C or 10 °C increments. Having reached the selected setting, the oven effectively maintains the temperature with negligible variation  a feature destined to please gourmets and professional chefs alike. Despite its size, the EB 388 reaches temperature rapidly. Nine minutes preheating will normally be sufficient for a typical starting temperature of 200 °C.

Additional Features

"Pyrolytic self-cleaning

"Gaggenau CleanEnamel

"Digital clock and automatic cooking timer

"Air cleaning catalyst

"Precise temperature setting

"Temperature probe

"ThermoTest actual temperature display

"SuperQuick preheating

"Child and holiday lock

"Universal Heating System

"Thermally insulated oven door with panoramic window

"Cooled housing

"Halogen light

Optional Accessories

"Baking stone "Rotisserie

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